Serving the transport industry in South Australia. The CVA exists to serve its members and to build the strongest possible hire car industry.

By the collective use of resources and knowledge of operators from around the country, the CVA is able to accomplish goals far beyond the scope of any single hire care company.  Since its inception, the Chauffeured Vehicle Association has dedicated itself to furthering the interests of the hire car community.  Its members continue to redefine professionalism and improve the industry’s image in the minds of the general public.


For the owner/operator or driver, membership of the CVA demonstrates recognition of commitment and professionalism to the hire car industry and, to the hiring public it is a guarantee of safe, professional service with security of their booking.

Other benefits for CVA members are:-
  • Liaison with interstate counterparts.
  • Increased business and shared work loads.
  • Driver sharing.
  • Protection and complaints resolution.
  • CVA Newsletter
  • Information direct from the Office of Public Transport.
  • Affordable membership fees.
  • Up to date calendar of events.
  • Social interaction.
  • Free advice and assistance.
  • Web site listing.


Education and training is vital to members to enable them to keep abreast of changing regulations and community trends. The CVA conducts in-house sessions for the purpose of ensuring members deliver professional service at all times.  These sessions can be facilitated by another member in a sharing of ideas or by a representative from a regulatory authority.

Education and training benefits:- 
  • Members code of practice.
  • Maintenance of standards.
  • Support for new members.
  • Shared problems.
  • Update of rules and regulations.
  • Sharing of ideas.


Monthly meetings bring members up to date with the latest news and happenings in the hire car industry as well as government regulations, rules and changes.  Members are encouraged to have an active input in to the direction and role of the association by having their say and participating on the various subcommittees. Being a member of the CVA means strength in numbers with a support network encompassing all areas of the hire car industry and its associated industries.

Other benefits include:-
  • Web Page listing.
  • Work opportunities.
  • Advertising.
  • Newsletter.


The Chauffeured Vehicle Association promotes the use of hire cars and the industry as a whole through active public relations efforts.Members are listed on the CVA WEB site free of charge.
The hiring public can link direct to individual members and place a booking on line.

Exposure for members means:-
  • Public awareness of industry and own business.
  • Networking to other associated parties.
  • Tourism.
  • Sponsorship.

Government Presentation

Why go it alone when you can have a government recognised association assist you with your concerns.  The CVA will work with members and the authorities to bring positive results to the hire car industry..

Being a member of the Chauffeured Vehicle Association means:-
  • Credibility by association.
  • Strength of group.
  • Update of rules and regulations.
  • Access to regulatory authorities.
  • Government support/research and development funds.
  • Maintenance of standards.