The small passenger vehicle industry encompasses a variety of vehicles from motor cycles, four wheel drive, normal sedans, classic and unique, stretched limousines and horse drawn carriages. These vehicles are pre-booked and used by the general public for all sorts of reasons ranging from weddings, funerals, tours, general transfer and any occasion that requires something special.

The small passenger vehicle industry is an exciting industry bringing the driver in to contact with people from all walks of life from celebrities, tourists, corporate bodies and the general public which all demand from the driver high people skills and customer service.

All drivers of small passenger vehicles in South Australia must hold driver accreditation . The purpose of accreditation is to ensure that certain safety, efficiency and competency standards are met.

Before you can drive a public passenger vehicle for hire, fare or reward, you must have South Australian driver accreditation.

Driver accreditation expires every three years in line with your working with children check, drivers license or working visa if less than three years.

All South Australian accredited drivers are required to:

  • have held a current full Australian driver’s licence for a minimum of six months, not subject to any conditions, such as provisional, probationary or suspended
  • have a child-related employment screening clearance which includes a national criminal history check
  • meet minimum requirements for fitness, medical and eyesight assessed by a medical practitioner
  • have Australian citizenship, Australian residency or a valid working visa.

If you don't have a current child-related employment screening clearance

Before you can apply for driver accreditation you must have a valid child-related employment screening clearance issued through the Department of Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI). A DCSI clearance is valid for five years from date of issue.

Fill in the Child-Related Employment Screening application (60.8 KB PDF) to create a DCSI account and start your application

You will receive an acknowledgement email from DCSI with a separate email for your personal account login details to access the DCSI online application process. DCSI will release your clearance information back to you when completed via email or registered mail. An email version is acceptable at ALC for your accreditation application.

DCSI standard timeframe for processing applications can be up to 30 business days (six weeks).DCSI will notify you when your application has been completed and you can submit your application for driver accreditation.

If you have an existing child-related employment screening clearance

If you have an existing DCSI clearance for child related employment, you will need to submit a Child related employment - release of criminal history outcome consent form (41.5 KB PDF) to the ALC.

This can be submitted via email to, by post or in person.

Arranging medical and eyesight certification

An application for driver accreditation is required to confirm that the driver does not suffer any physical or mental incapacity that would impair their ability to work effectively as the driver of a public vehicle.

A single medical certificate of fitness covers the medical requirements for both driver accreditation and licensing.

All clients with a driver accreditation will be sent a MR713 Certificate of fitness for heavy vehicle and commercial drivers (127.9 KB PDF) (a purple medical form). When it is due you will be required to visit your medical practitioner and/or specialist in order to complete the form. You need to complete sections 1 and 2 before your appointment and your medical practitioner can complete sections 3 and 4, and the declaration in section 5.

The completed certificate will provide a general overview on your medical condition and help determine your fitness to drive a public passenger vehicle and assist passengers.

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